Storytime is truly the best of time

I’ve been so very lucky the past four days in a row to be off work (without requesting it) 🙌🏻 Anyday I’m off with my little dude I try to soak up every second because time is so fleeting and these are the moments that we as moms or parents will never get back so remember to cherish it.

That being said, Emerson definitely gets cabin fever and loves to go out and about so we’ve been trying to attend playgroup/storytime as often as possible at the different libraries in the surrounding area. I think it provides him great stimulation and social interaction with littles just like him since he has no siblings currently. Today I think was the first day he started putting two and two together with clapping to some of the songs (I helped him of course) but he didn’t keep his fists clenched, he actuallly opened them flat to clap together. Something they do at a lot of these storytime is get the bubble machine out and he absolutely loved it today.

I’m no expert on parenting, I’m learning as I go but if you have babies or toddlers especially if they don’t currently have siblings or don’t go to daycare then I highly recommend and encourage you to bring baby to free library storytimes. They are generally fun for Mama and baby and engaging for your little and they get to play or at least see kids just like them instead of being at home with adults all day. It’s also a great alternative in the winter for us Midwest Mamas when it’s ridiculously too cold to play outside. And if you work like I do and not everyday is spent with baby, encourage Nana or Daddy to bring the little one to these groups (I’ve seen plenty of grandmas and dads). Here is a pic of little dude with the bubbles!!!



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