Can we just talk about how satisfying it is the moment your 12.5 month old decides he is going to start taking naps in his bed. Not in bed with mom, not in the car, not on the couch with mom or dad but in his own bed?!? For those who don’t know nap time has always been a struggle for us with Emerson since day one. There were the newborn days where all he wanted to do was nap with his mama on the couch and that was fine but eventually it became immobilizing since he could nap upwards of 3 hours and then here I was stuck under a baby forced to watch tv or nap with him and do nothing else. “Nap when the baby naps” they say but have you seen the memes “I’ll do laundry when the baby does laundry”. That has basically been our lives with his naps. He coslept with us until about 6 months (not necessarily by choice but more out of necessity since we needed to keep our sanity somehow…a story for another post) and then we decided as a family it would just be easier to have him sleep in his own bed since at that point the days of the middle of the night feedings were nearly gone. He caught on pretty quickly to sleeping in his own room and has been sleeping through the night pretty much since then.

Thought naps would be the same, baby is tired I’ll rock him and place him in his crib and he would sleep for a few hours giving me some time to do other household chores. WRONG. He could be dead asleep and the moment we’d place him in the crib his eyes would ping open and he would wail. Hope against all hope he’d fall back asleep but he’d continue crying and if we would have let him I’m pretty sure he could have cried for hours so we resided to whatever methods worked as far as nap time and would occasionally come back to the crib situation hoping he would like it again. I’d say since he’s turned 1 it seems like daily he’s developing into more and more of a little person who knows his own needs and has his own agenda and part of that has included him napping in his crib finally. Thank Jesus! I love my son with every fiber of my being but it is nice to take those few moments to myself to collect or do chores, whatever it may be. To all those who have had great nappers from the jump just consider yourself lucky.

What are your nap stories, victories, losses, advice etc?




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