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Holidays are off and running

So we’ve been able to start experiencing the wonder and joy of the holidays through the eyes of a 15 month old. And let me tell you, it is incredible. All the things that were almost washed from your childhood memory come flooding back as you see the excitement in your childs eyes as he sees a pumpkin or puts his hands inside the ooey gooey “ness” of it. Or when you put the Halloween display on the dining room table and he gets excited for every night when we go to turn it on, just so he can “see” it. (See is his favorite word right now).

When we took him trick or treating my heart was so full, not because I’d get to enjoy some of his candy but because he was just so excited to see all the kids and parents out all over the neighborhood dressed up, he was nearly running trying to keep up with his two cousins up to each house for his treat. He started catching on too, when people would hold the bowl out for him, he would pick a candy and drop it into his bucket. I’m not quite sure who had more fun, me or him. His excitement for all these new fun things gets me so ready to throw up the Christmas tree and light it up just so he can be amazed by its twinkling and sparkling.

I’m soaking up this motherhood journey one moment at a time and storing these moments in my archives forever. I’ve never felt a truer calling at this season in my life than to be a Mom and I just can’t get over how lucky I am to be raising such a wonderful little boy and can’t wait to start raising our second child in February.

Watching him reminds me to take a step back and enjoy the little things in life because as they say when we look back those will be the big things and I don’t want to miss one single second of it. I hope after reading this you too can try to find your childlike spirit this holiday season and enjoy all the little things that come with it.



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