Black Friday

Black Friday

So occasionally I used to go out with my parents and my sister for black Friday and enjoy the silliness of it without getting too caught up in the crazy. However as I’ve gotten older, had a baby and currently another one on the way I’ve given up the black Friday madness for a while at least until the kids are a bit older. That did not however stop me from taking to the online sales. Our house is in dire need of an upgraded thermostat and we’ve heard so many wonderful things about the nest smart thermostat and being in charge of the bills and finances and trying to find every trick in the book to save a penny I’ve really been wanting one of these especially since we replaced our entire A/C and furnace this past summer. Our electric company always offers rebates on them but nothing like they were offering right now. We paid $79 for our new thermostat and I’m so excited! I’ll update you guys once Jim installs it and we learn how to use it, I’m far too stupid for our current thermostat or it’s far too outdated, not sure which?

We also got the latest model of the ninja coffee bar from kohls online for $85 plus $15 kohls cash. That’s an amazing deal since regular price it’s $199!!! We have been eyeing this little machine for a while too since our keurig is on the fritz and we’re trying to be a little more eco friendly in this house and forgo the k-cups (I know you can buy the reusuable filters which we have but t never quite turns out the same so this was the best for our family at least). You know you’re old and married when you get excited about your deals that involve thermostats and coffee makers LOL!

And as I’ve really been getting into fashion bloggers lately I followed some of their instastories and got an amazing deal on a pair of furry lined sneakers from payless for $19.99 that are a pretty good dupe for a pair of ugg brand sneaks that cost anywhere from $120- $150 so I’d call that a win too.

Next up Jim’s birthday; here’s a guy who never really wants anything or at least doesn’t vocalize any specific want. I do know he needs cologne and was considering getting him the brand 1 million. Anyobdy have any thoughts, likes, dislikes on that one?

Anyone else find anything good on black Friday? Whether it was in store or online. Know of any good cyber Monday deals (Santa still needs to do some shopping for the little guy)





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